We Do Not Know the Day

or the hour of Christ’s return at the Rapture. But one day billions of people will suddenly vanish from the face of the earth. Are you ready?

- Dr. David Jeremiah

End of the World Timeline

End of the World Timeline

Anyone who pays careful attention to Scripture has a bittersweet relationship with current affairs. It seems that each day brings news of turmoil, wars, diseases, economic collapse, and heartache. Even so, these disasters indicate that Jesus’ Second Coming is drawing near.

Like Jesus’ disciples (Matthew 24:3), we wonder what is in store for this world. What will happen? The Bible lays out an enthralling picture. At least one-fifth of His Word is prophecy. The Second Coming is mentioned 318 times in the New Testament’s 260 chapters. Obviously, this is not a doctrine to ignore; God desires us to know about Christ’s return.

With the book of Revelation as a guide, it is possible to construct a timeline of the Last Days and view each day through the lens of prophecy.

Explore the Prophetic Timeline:

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End of World Timeline

Understand the Key Events:

The Rapture: To Take His Church to Be With Him

Christ’s coming is imminent; all the prophecies which must be fulfilled before His return are completed. He will descend with a shouted command, the voice of an angel, and the trumpet of God. All believers, living and dead, will suddenly meet the Lord in the air.

Like an eager bride, the Church waits for the final culmination of her union with her Groom.

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The Tribulation: Unrestrained Evil

The moment after the Rapture, the Spirit of God will remove any restraining influence on earth. As a result, life on earth will be relinquished to flourishing evil. As the Tribulation progresses, evil will result in a climax of worsening conditions. God’s wrath will be displayed toward the wicked through the signs of His coming judgment. Thankfully, those who are believers at the time of the Rapture will be spared from this terrible time.

The Second Coming: To Judge the World

The Antichrist will rule wickedly. But just when it seems there is no hope, when the bottom is finally reached and evil rules, the Second Coming will finally come about and God’s Son will dethrone the Beast.

The Millennium: To Rule the World

The word Millennium simply means “one thousand years.” During those ten centuries of righteousness, Christ will rule on earth from His capital in Jerusalem. To add to the excitement, John tells us that the followers of Christ will rule with Him.

A New Heaven and a New Earth

Although the physical properties of the new heaven and the new earth are not described in detail, what we are told is enough to fill us with hope and joy.

What Do We Do Until Then?

1. Walk Submissively

John takes great pains to emphasize that we are responsible to keep the sayings of the book of Revelation. In Revelation 22:18-19, he pronounces God’s blessing on all who will read the book and His curse on all those who would try to tamper with it. One of the most important themes in this book is obedience. It is because of the disobedience of mankind that God will judge the world, and His holy saints are charged repeatedly to distance themselves from the world’s rebellion by “keeping the words” of the book. We are to walk submissively according to God’s Word.

2. Worship Triumphantly

What does it mean to “worship triumphantly”? It means that we grab hold of the truth of God’s Word and give it back in worship to God. We praise His name triumphantly, with exuberance and conviction. Revelation makes it clear that praise and worship are the vital vehicles of our response to all that God is and does.

3. Witness Urgently

Evangelism will one day cease—but not yet. One major purpose of Revelation is to remind sinners that eternal judgment is coming and to stimulate believers to share the Good News of redemption in Jesus’ name. It is our duty to preach the Gospel, so people may hear and believe the Good News about Jesus, and receive a new nature and a new character.

4. Work Fervently

We have only a little time to work for the advancement of the Gospel, and we must use the time well. We must work, and work hard. The time goes by so quickly! We should remind ourselves that “we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad” (2 Corinthians 5:10).

5. Watch Expectantly

We do not know when the Lord is coming back to this earth. But we do know His arrival is closer today than it was yesterday! He could come at any time to take His Church to His Father’s house. There will be no time to prepare. That is why we must always be ready.

The requirement for salvation is that we take freely what God offers us. He offers us life. He offers us joy. He offers us abundance. He offers us His only Son.

He could come today! Are you Rapture Ready?

Who will be raptured?

When will it happen?

What will believers experience when they are taken to heaven?

Discover the answers to these questions and many more in Dr. Jeremiah’s new book, The Great Disappearance: 31 Ways to Be Rapture Ready.

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