We Do Not Know the Day

or the hour of Christ’s return at the Rapture. But one day billions of people will suddenly vanish from the face of the earth. Are you ready?

- Dr. David Jeremiah

262 Million People in 22 Days

262 Million People in 22 Days

I want to share with you a report from our new Perhaps Today Rapture ready outreach. The following numbers are nowhere near final, but the results are already staggering.

On Sunday, September 17, we posted the television open on social media for Dr. Jeremiah’s new teaching series, The Great Disappearance. Featured in that presentation were CGI enhanced videos “pre-enacting” what the moment of the Rapture might look like.

These Rapture pre-enactment videos were designed to be so intriguing that the world had to stop and consider the reality of this imminent prophetic event. After stopping a viewer with these videos, we hoped to inspire them to seek out God’s Word for answers to their questions.

And God has blessed this social media outreach beyond our wildest imagination. Consider these incredible metrics that we are still attempting to fully comprehend ourselves.

To date (Oct 9, 2023), the Rapture pre-enactments have been viewed on social media an astonishing 262,008,514 (that’s 262 MILLION) times. We are attempting to track all of the places these videos are being reposted and shared. However, the task of measuring the virality of these videos grows exponentially by the day. We simply can’t keep up.

To God be the glory!

And that’s not all. The news media is quickly taking notice. PolitiFact and the Associated Press have written articles reminding readers that children did not actually disappear off a school bus, but instead this is a video from Turning Point’s Perhaps Today campaign. The best news is this…these articles link readers to our campaign website. We are sharing the hope of the Rapture with news junkies.

To God be the glory!

But wait…there’s more.

Just over two weeks into this campaign the number of requests for our free salvation booklet, Your Greatest Turning Point, has DOUBLED. Ministry wide we have had 24,894 people express interest in learning more about becoming a Christian.

To God be the glory!

Perhaps you now feel a similar sense of the excitement and opportunity that’s permeating our entire team. The message of Christ’s imminent return, perhaps even today, is being shared like never before.

Will you join me in prayer for the weeks ahead? Let’s continue asking God to do a mighty work and bring many people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Louder than ever before, let’s proclaim, Perhaps Today!

- David Jeremiah

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